Yesterday 21st January 2015 an information session organised by ISACA which is an independent, non-profit, global association that engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practises to promote information security was organised for MCAST IICT student to promote their activities and also give out student memberships. 

isacaDuring this presentation, information about past and previous events was provided. Some examples of past activities organised by ISACA:

  • Mr Charles Mifsud – Has your organisation been breached? Don’t answer that before the event.
  • Mr Kurt Mahoney – Finding the needle in the digital haystack
  • Mr Ian Attard – Compromise Detected!
  • Mr Julian Sant Fournier – Business Intelligence… the promised land?
  • Mr Kurt Gauci – So you decided to go for Cloud, now what?
  • Mr Nicholas Sciberras & Mr Ian Muscat – The latest trends in Web Application security
  • Mr Mark Fenech – IT Risk Identification and Disaster Recovery

ISACA events are attended by representatives of all the local organisations that are involved in information security. This can definitely serve as an opportunity to network with potential future employers.