HOB Software Ltd. is celebrating its 25th year in Malta. Its core competence is in secure software solutions which are researched and developed by a close-knit, team of highly qualified software developers.

1. Specifications

This competition involves a number of stages in which your knowledge and problem solving skills will be tested. Each stage will be revealed once you’ve completed the previous one. There are no shortcuts!

In the final stage you will find the w inning phrase which must be sent via email to competition@hobsoft.com.mt, together with your name and surname. Whoever sends the email with the winning phrase first wins!

2. Key Dates and Prize

  1. The first stage will be made available for download on 25th September 2015 through our Facebook Page
  2. Solutions will be published on 9th October 2015, when the competition ends
  3. A prize of €200 will be awarded to the first person that sends the correct winning phrase

3. Eligibility

The competition is open to the general public, except to HOB Software Ltd. employees. Any indication that an employee has helped a participant will result in immediate disqualification


4. Contact Us

  1. Telephone number: +356 2224 2241
  2. For further information visit our Facebook page “HOB Software Malta”

Good luck!

For more information visit:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-OraA4chOmeX2N3STRHdkU0d00