3BetGaming is a leader in the iGaming industry offering B2B services primarily for online gaming operators. The two main products offered are the 3Bet Sportsbook and 3Bet Platform (offering casino integrations, CRM, BI, etc). In addition 3BetGaming manages the website for a number of its clients, together with all the customer service and Sportsbook Risk needs.

3BetGaming is offering an opportunity to kick-start your career whilst you're completing your studies. We are looking for IT students with some knowledge of HTML / CSS / SQL (of course other technologies are a plus) and with motivation to learn.

If you join our team, you would be working on a full time basis during the summer recess period and a part-time basis during the academic year. Our aim is to introduce you to the world of iGaming by liaising with various departments and assisting the senior development team in solving minor day-to-day issues.

The candidate should be willing to work during the weekend on a shift basis (one week on / one week off for instance) especially during the academic period.

Applications should be sent to: info@3betgaming.com. Higher priority will be given to applicants showing evidence of prior experience in the above-mentioned technologies (e.g. through graded assignments, personal projects, etc)