R.A.I.S.E (Raising Awareness and Interest in STEAM Employment) Project

Project Number: 2017-1-MT01-KA202-026978
The project is Co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Project Duration: 33 months: 20/11/2017 till 19/08/2020

This project funded through Erasmus+, include the participation of six organisations from five different European countries that identified the need to bridge the gap of skills shortage all across the EU especially with regards to STEAM careers. The project commenced in January 2018 and will be concluded in 2020. The project’s overall aims are:

  • To make Vocational Education and Training (VET) carriers a priority within the STEAM field in order to support inclusive education by making VET careers information more accessible to put an emphasis on vocation applied learning;
  • To help tackle the issue of Early School Leavers by offering VET as an Alternative education and carrier pathway.


Through this project a number of MCAST lectures have received training focusing on the methodology of interaction students, how to present VET careers, how to disseminate results and activities and how to carry out science events. Furthermore, MCAST will primarily be responsible for the development, piloting, testing and launching of the app. The app will be using the visual arts to encourage users to take up a career in the VET field. This will help raise awareness and interest in STEAM Employment among people with low levels of literacy, people not in education, employment and training (NEETs) and other socially disadvantaged people.

MCAST Team members include: Ing Christian Camilleri, Dr Ing Alex Rizzo, Mr Conrad Vassallo, Mr Mark Anthony Farrugia and Mr Eric Flask.

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