Nomenclatures denoting the male gender include also the female gender.

1. The Permanent Secretary (Strategy & Implementation), Office of the Prime Minister, invites applications for the position of Manager (Projects) for the project “ERDF 02.035 – Connected eGovernment (CONvErGE)” in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Duration of assignment and Conditions

2.1  A selected candidate will enter into a three (3) year assignment as Manager (Projects) in the Office of the Prime Minister to work on the project “ERDF 02.035 – Connected eGovernment (CONvErGE)” in the Office of the Prime Minister, which may be renewed for further periods.

2.2 The position of Manager (Projects) is subject to a probationary period of twelve (12) months.

2.3  Since this position is time barred or linked to the completion of a specific task, such constitutes an objective reason in terms of Regulation 7(4) of Subsidiary Legislation 452.81 entitled “Contracts of Service for a Fixed Term Regulations”.

2.4 This position is part-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020) at the rate of 80% European Union and 20% National Funds.

Salary pegged to the position

3. The salary attached to the position of Manager (Projects) is equivalent to Salary Scale 7 currently €24,153 per annum in 2019, rising by annual increments of €531.17 up to a maximum of €27,340. 


4. The duties of Manager (Projects) include:

  1. Managing the effective implementation of the CONvErGE Project in accordance with the applicable EU and National Rules;
  1. In liaison with the project leader and the respective project teams responsible for particular components of CONvErGE, developing work plans in accordance with the Project Application and eventually in line with the Grant Agreement, including setting of tasks, deadlines, and monitoring and summarizing progress of the assigned projects;
  1. Undertaking all necessary training as requested/required by the Project Leader for the successful implementation of the assigned project/s;
  1. Participating in meetings as requested/required by the Project Leader for the CONvErGE project;
  1. Working closely with the Project Leader and assisting him/her on the project management during its implementation as well as during any audit; 
  1. Observing all provisions of the Manual of Procedures and any other publication issued by the Managing Authority on the assigned project, liaising regularly with and reporting to the Project Leader regarding day to day management; 
  1. Making optimal usage of all available tools for the successful implementation of the assigned project, including the Structural Funds Database (SFD) and any other necessary software as directed;
  1. Preparing progress and any other project related reports as required and uploading of information on the relevant programmes as may be directed;
  1. Liaising with the respective project single point of contacts (SPOCs) and their respective teams responsible for the implementation of the individual components of the CONvErGE project;
  1. Coordinating the administrative work in relation to the project, liaise with all the stakeholders involved, and organizing meetings with all parties concerned as necessary and as instructed by the Project Leader;
  1. Coordinating promotional activities and information materials for the assigned projects, always in accordance with established regulations and procedures;
  • Monitoring the costs, time schedule and quality of work performed, and the proposing of suggestions and possible implementation, for better performance of the assigned projects;
  1. Verifying all the works carried out against submitted invoices, authorizing the processing of payments and coordinating with the Project Leader in the processing of these payments;
  • Reporting on a regular basis to, and/or as directed by the Project Leader regarding overall progress of the CONvErGE project and disbursement of funds, together with any issues and risks which may affect the successful completion of assigned projects;
  • Carrying out any other duties as directed by the Project Leader or his representative;
  1. Carrying out any other duties according to the exigencies of the Public Service, as directed by the Principal Permanent Secretary.

For more information visit: https://recruitment.gov.mt/en/job/47ac4131028(4(3bd8-4f80-b3(7(4f80-b3dd-56772c8(116