The project consists of Anime & Manga website. This project took me around 1 year and half, only because I did made some changes to make it better in compatibility of certain browsers of non-HTML5 compatibility or other issues and upgrades. This website has a lot of features here the list below of few features which offers. You can view a lot of details below including video, images and more.


·         Social Network – AnimeBook 

·         Watch Anime, Videos 

·         Drawings 

·         Upload stuff such as Videos, Drawings, Epic Music and many other stuff

·         Read Manga as a real book

·         New kind of fancy Wiki

·         Forum

·         World Chat / English Chat and other kinds of chats

·         Notification sending as mini-message / Notification receiving through activities done or can be done

·         Media Sharing such as people websites, pages, as advertisement system.

·         Favorites, Commenting system, sharing multi-social network or self-network.

·         Able to make timeline-diary

·         Guild which is kinda of social network groups

·         Transactions system included with recipe and other personal informality of the transaction. (Not real money, points earned through hard-working stuff)

·         Activity Log which able to edit what you've done such as uploads, posting so on.

·         Friendship

·         Fancy About us – Use of boostrap

·         Contact us



·         Points shop able to buy stuff or upgrade your ranking

·         Auction House able to sell your stuff

·         Enhancement of any kind of item with no limit as long having points and required level.

·         Leveling with no limit, because their is items for any kind of level. Also leveling is not easy. Has leveling limit per certain amount of clicks.

·         Character abilities  

·         Donate system which is just normal donate system temporarily. [Involves Paypal so far, will be able to try other kind of systems near the next patch]

·         Auto main element chosen randomly

·         Classes of characters

·         Hybrid of classes allowed to mixing up characters and make unique characters.

·         95% chance that each character is difference than the other even if is copied-build on random % of stats earned per level increment.

·         Item stats enhancement dependency of current class chosen.

·         Ship request users to level their ship to make it better and they earn additional stats for each member with the ship. Stats will be randomly and according the one who leveled it current level, rank, and class.

·         Rank increment of stats per level earned, enhancement per level earned.