To manage, co-ordinate, monitor and participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities of all Sales and Marketing events and activities at the Valletta Market.


1. Create and manage project plans for various marketing and event activities.

2. Assist in collating marketing materials as needed.

3. Work on the general promotions with our contracted marketing agency.

4. Develop strategic marketing initiatives and activities.

5. Assist marketing agency in managing Is-Suq Tal-Belt’s Social Media platforms.

6. Conduct market research to identify marketing opportunities.

7. Traffic all advertising efforts to appropriate channels.

8. Develop and manage all internal communication systems.

9. Create, maintain and strengthen the organization’s overall brand through all media platforms.

10. Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information.

11. Simplify complex data into a user-friendly format such as graphs, charts and other visual aids for clients and management.

12. Communicate effectively with internal departments and also tenants.

13. Meet with General Manager on a regular basis to discuss all matters pertaining to marketing.

14. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by General Manager.

Those interested are kindly requested to send an email to Denise Cortis on: