The Cybersecurity degree is a 3-year programme that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of concepts, techniques, and tools required to secure software applications, computer systems and networks. Students will increase their proficiency in the usage of open source operating systems, network security, database programming, digital forensics, and offensive security. They will also develop practical skills in mitigating cyber threats.
The programme includes work-based component, whereby one’s own skills are put to good use by working alongside experienced cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, the programme has a research component, where the student would undertake a dissertation. This applied research will draw on the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course to explore a specific area of cybersecurity in depth.
Graduates of this programme will gain sufficient hands-on experience to thrive in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. The expertise acquired will enable them to pursue careers in the cybersecurity sector, including roles such as cybersecurity specialists, information security analysts, network security engineers, penetration testers, and digital forensic experts alongside others.