The comprehensive taught component covers a diverse array of skills, including front-end, UX/UI design principles, full-stack, cross-platform, and mobile app development. Learners will gain expertise in client-side and server-side

technologies, as well as other areas like software development, audio/visual content creation, data organization and persistence, machine learning, computer vision, web optimization, utilization of third-party tooling/libraries, and research methodologies.

The work-based component of the programme provides invaluable, hands-on experience on real-world projects within an organization. Finally, the research component in the form of a dissertation will give prospective graduates the opportunity to identify, investigate, and devise solutions for complex problems in their chosen field. The Creative Computing Degree program is designed to help individuals excel in various fields and stay ahead of the curve and in line with front-end, full-stack , cross-platform and mobile apps development.

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