Well done to winning MCAST student Alex Fiott who produced a game to educate children to conserve water as part of the Catch the Drop initiative by HSBC. The game aims to promote the conservation of water as our planet’s most important resource and was recently installed in the Ecolife Exhibition gallery which focuses on raising awareness about sustainability, energy efficiency, water filtration and waste management.

MCST’s executive chairman Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando stated that “Esplora Interactive Science Centre is engaged in a mission to help people connect with science. In doing so, we truly believe that the Centre should have an active role in educating the public on global issues affecting our daily lives. Through the ‘Catch the Drop’ initiative, Esplora and HSBC have collaborated in instilling a sense of responsibility in our citizens regarding the judicious use of water, an invaluable natural resource.”

HSBC Malta congratulated the winner for his accomplishment and Mr.Caruana highlighted how this interactive game is another corporate sustainibility initiative by HSBC focusing on education which the hopes of achieving long-term results. Through the game, tens of thousands of visitors can delve deeper into what they can do at home to conserve and harvest water, a limited resource in Malta, practically every day.

MCAST student Alex Fiott said:

“MCAST and HSBC Malta gave me this opportunity to do something worthwhile and I am grateful for all the support I got from my lecturer and schoolmates. I could not do anything without the help of those around me especially my father who has guided me along the way. This competition has been a great experience as well as a wonderful opportunity to expand on knowledge. I learnt how to create my own graphics as well as new coding techniques. All in all, I thank everyone who has helped me with making this game possible."

Every drop Counts! In a time where drinking water scarcity is an ever-growing concern, Esplora, HSBC and MCAST have joined forces to raise awareness about water conservation among the general public.