To provide Systems Analysis and Programming services in order to propose and develop solutions in line with the Systems Development Methodology that meet users’ requirements based on the Bank’s Business and IT Strategy.

Technical / Functional Responsibilities:

  1. To promote and apply the Application Development Methodology governing software application development and deployment.
  2. To assist in carrying out feasibility studies in order to enable the Bank to evaluate the appropriate course of action in tackling business process automation.
  3. To assist in the business analysis on change programmes of various complexities, ensuring that the programme deliverables remain consistent with the overall business framework, and that the work streams within the programme deliver an integrated solution.
  4. To assist in the drawing up of architecture maps, systems requirement analysis, systems technical documents and statements of work that will be the basis of agreement for the deliverables requested by the business units.
  5. To facilitate and run workshops from initial problem statements, requirements and data gathering through to implementation planning according to the established standards and methodology.
  6. To identify opportunities for change, propose effective solutions and write reports and present proposals recommending course of action.
  7. To convert functional documentation into technical specifications and work orders for use during development.
  8. To support and direct efforts by the programmers in meeting established project milestones.
  9. To code, test and troubleshoot programs utilising the appropriate tools, database and programming technology.
  10. To review code being produced by other programmers and guide them to ensure that the programming style is in line with the established practices.
  11. To ensure proper in-line documentation, user instructions, training manuals and appropriate supporting documentation on any technical matters.
  12. To coordinate, in collaboration with end users, the creation and implementation of test scenarios in order to ensure that the developed solution is free of any logical and syntactic errors.
  13. To assist in compiling release plans and the monitoring and reporting on applications’ progress. This process will involve continued tracking of progress resolution and mitigation of risk to ensure adequate alignment with the agreed plans.
  14. To assist efforts to improve maintainability, uptime, and performance.
  15. To assist in drawing-up the necessary go-live plans that will result in the handover of the application into production. This also includes the liaison with other technical stakeholders in drawing up the application technical requirements. 
  16. To establish integration requirements between in-house and third party applications and databases.
  17. To apply and follow change management procedures whereby documenting changes, performing system tests or providing test environments for business driven tests and seeking the necessary approval to ensure that changes do not adversely affect the production environment.
  18. To ensure that the Service Desk system is used effectively whereby all support calls are logged, monitored or escalated where necessary.
  19. To assist in the maintenance of a development environment for in-house development and the production phase. This also includes the upkeep of a source code vault which will ensure posterity of intellectual software property owned by the Bank.
  20. To ensure that the delivered application complies with the established Security Policy. This involves additional tasks which would ensure that the application is secure and provides the necessary user access management. 
  21. To communicate regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security, including links to other DBMSs.
  22. To respond and report on new exigencies that may arise in the Bank’s role within the ESCB.  To develop and maintain operational documentation.
  23. To develop and maintain disaster recovery of critical services. Apart from developing, compiling, maintaining and implementing disaster recovery procedures this also includes the periodic disaster recovery testing and reporting on the respective outcome.
  24. To adhere to established Policies and Procedures.
  25. To report on activities undertaken.
  26. To ensure a high quality / standard of work and service throughout.
  27. To perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

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