Dear Students,

Please follow the instructions given by your lecturers to follow material on Moodle and other platforms the lecturers are suggesting to use.  During this challenging period we need to make the best use of technology but you also need to do your part.  In these situations you are required to do more self study while lecturers will be ready to assist in your difficulties through email, Moodle forums, Skype calls, Microsoft Teams etc…

Please find also the circular below sent by our Principal for your information.

CIRCULAR 78/2020: Message from the Principal to all MCAST Community

Dear Members of Staff, Dear Students,

I hope you are keeping well and safe.

These are challenging times for all of us especially now that we are still half way through the academic year. Although most of us are working from home, we miss the physical interaction that makes the College so vibrant and alive every day.

Over the weekend, thanks to an agreement with the MUT, MCAST has launched a number of IT platforms through which interaction, on a voluntary basis, can be ongoing between students and lecturers. You are all free to make use of these tools. The aim is to freely give lecturers and students the opportunity to facilitate interaction through the use of technology.

What is important to keep in mind is that this period is not a holiday break and that if the situation does not improve, we could be facing tougher times ahead and new ways of working from a distance. Therefore, please avail yourself of every opportunity offered to keep in touch either if you are working or learning at MCAST.

I urge students to continue studying and consider each day as if it is a regular College day that is, looking into notes, preparing assignments and going over other material that lecturers have given you as part of the units being covered.

To all employees, I kindly encourage you to contribute in any way possible, as you deem fit, to keep the spirit of our MCAST community alive. Let’s keep in mind that our main mission is the learning and welfare of our key clients: the students.

Management staff is aiming to be available online and on campus as much as possible. It is not easy to work from a distance and the experience is showing that it could be very stressful and frustrating. But our common good comes first and at this particular time we need to ensure that we are all keeping well and safe.

Much will depend on our will power, discipline as well as our professionalism. Management staff will do its very best to keep the momentum of an academic year alive and to support you in every way possible. I invite you to regularly access our web portal and social media for updates through circulars and messages.

I would like to thank very warmly indeed all those who are supporting the College.

As Principal, I am committing myself to do my utmost to lead the College through this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the management team if you need support.

Keep safe and away from gatherings and unnecessary interaction with others. Hopefully, if we all work as a team, we will get through this together.

The Principal/CEO.