National Library of Malta Public Lectures Series 2018-2019 
Coordinated by Mevrick Spiteri and Maroma Camilleri

'CITIES, HARBOURS AND ARTEFACTS: transformations of an early modern landscape'

Lecture 2 // Monday 17th December 2018 at 18:30
'Studying Ceramics in Early Modern Malta – Archival and Archaeological Sources' by Nathaniel Cutajar

The study of early modern society and culture in Malta has not relied extensively on material classes of evidence other than those provided by archival records or the fine arts. This lecture will explore some of the ways in which alternative material classes – in this case specifically archaeological ceramics – can bring new insight to early modern social and historical studies. It also looks at the way archival and archaeological evidence can be brought together in an osmotic movement that mixes, without ever fully merging these two radically different strands of information.

Nathaniel Cutajar has worked at the Museums Department, at the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and is currently the Curator (Medieval) at the National Museum of Archaeology. His interests include medieval archaeology, cultural heritage studies and archaeological methodology. He has studied the ceramic productions in Malta from the Early Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period focusing on typological characterization and on aspects of long duree social and economic processes of change.

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