A Domestic Violence application has been launched which was created by MCAST student Robert Cassar Pace.

This app is part of a campaign by MCAST for the months of November and December to create awareness about domestic violence. It aims to inform students to recognize the different forms of domestic violence and the suffering which it brings with it to urge them to fight against domestic violence. The campaign also includes information on how to find help.

The content for the app was supplied by students from the Health and Social Care unit of the Institute of Community Services.

A website has also been created together with the app, to reach a wider audience. This includes the definition of domestic violence, violent behaviour, frequently asked questions and information about the services available.

The awareness campaign on domestic violence included other students from the Applied Sciences Institute where various gifts were collected and given to children who were victims of domestic violence and who are living in Church homes.

Download the app:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wMaltaDomesticViolenceUnit_610456