We are looking for talented and experienced individuals to grow our Community Team, and be part of our interdisciplinary team. As a Community Manager, you’ll play a pivotal role in fostering strong connections between players, our development team, and ongoing LiveOps strategies. Your efforts will contribute to the growth, engagement, and enhancement of our vibrant community, while facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.


  • Serve as a central point of communication, ensuring effective interactions within the team and our diverse audience across various social and internal channels.
  • Approach player-reported tickets with a blend of Customer Support mindset and Community Management understanding, providing timely and helpful resolutions.
  • Identify, document, and relay issues through our customer service platforms and social channels, gathering valuable insights and frequent reports from both new and seasoned players. Your categorization of these insights will contribute to informed decision-making and strategic direction.
  • Collaborate closely on the planning, preparation, and execution of engaging social campaigns. Leverage your creative talents and adept writing skills to inform, educate, and ignite meaningful dialogues within our community.
  • Embrace your role as a company and game ambassador, showcasing unwavering confidence in your game knowledge. Share this expertise across diverse channels to foster engagement and connection with player communities.

Employment Details

  • Full-time
  • Starting date as soon as possible

Employment Benefits

  • 4-day work week (Mon- Thur)
  • Hybrid (home office optional)
  • Private health insurance coverage
  • Cool office & work events
  • Relocation support
  • Funds & so much more

Job Requirements

Necessary Skills/Experience:

  • Exceptional Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively engage with players, convey information, and address concerns.
  • Customer-Centric Mindset: Experience in customer support or a related role, with the ability to empathize, prioritize, and provide solutions that enhance player satisfaction.
  • Community Management: Proven experience in community management within the gaming industry, demonstrating an understanding of player dynamics and community engagement strategies.
  • Multi-Channel Proficiency: Proficiency in managing communications across various channels, including social media platforms, forums, and in-game chats.
  • Issue Identification: Skill in identifying, categorizing, and relaying player-reported issues to relevant teams for resolution and improvement.
  • Organizational Abilities: Strong organizational skills to manage community events, campaigns, and maintain clear documentation.
  • Game Knowledge: In-depth knowledge and passion for the game(s) you’ll be representing, allowing you to confidently interact with players and address their inquiries.
  • Team Collaboration: Ability to collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams, including developers, marketing, and customer support.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility to navigate evolving situations, adapt to changes, and make quick decisions while maintaining a positive demeanor.

Nice to Have:

  • Content Creation: Skill in creating engaging written and visual content for social media posts, blog articles, and community announcements.
  • Data Analysis: Proficiency in analyzing community data, feedback, and engagement metrics to derive actionable insights.
  • Event Planning: Experience in planning, organizing, and executing community events, contests, and tournaments.
  • Moderation Experience: Familiarity with community moderation tools and techniques to maintain a healthy and welcoming community environment.
  • Localization Awareness: Understanding of localization and cultural sensitivities to effectively engage with players from diverse backgrounds.
  • Public Speaking: Comfortable with public speaking engagements, such as live streams, podcasts, or public events.
  • Crisis Management: Ability to manage sensitive or crisis situations within the community, maintaining a positive and constructive atmosphere.
  • Graphic Design: Basic graphic design skills to create eye-catching visuals for community posts and campaigns.
  • Analytics Tools: Familiarity with analytics tools to track community engagement and measure the impact of various initiatives.

To apply visit: Community Manager (m/f/x) – Dorado Games

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