It is very important that 1st you register as a user. The link is highlighted further down.
Should you have any difficulties you can contact me on 23858262 or 23858234
How do I become an organiser?
Interested parties must register their activities through an online registration form. All it takes is 2 simple steps:


1) Register as a User on
2) Submit the Action Proposal online via When doing so, ensure that you select Malta and complete all fields of the form. Please also take into consideration the EWWR Participation Charter.

Note: If you are going to organise more than one action, you will need to complete one form for each action.

After submitting you will receive an automatic email to confirm receipt of the Action Proposal. Later on you will also receive an email with a confirmation on whether the proposal was accepted or whether any changes to the registration form are required.

Looking forward to hear from you!