Fibre optics preparation


On Wednesday 18th June 2014 a group of part-time MCAST students following the 'Basics of Fibre Optics' course attended to a fibre optics preparation session taking place at Sliema as part of their on-field training.

The first part of the work involved measuring the power attenuation from the optical hub to the optical cabinet using power meters.
The second part was focussed on splicing both in the distribution point fixed high on private building façades and also in the gear buried under the public kerb.

The work, part of the preparations that will lead to the launching of (FTTH) fibre-to-the-home, was being performed by Tenovar. The qualified installers were very helpful as they guided the students and lecturers through the whole process answering all the questions.

MCAST IICT would like to thank Tenovar for their ongoing support in this field and for making this activity possible.