The Foundation for Information Technology (FITA) wishes to expand its ICT training services and is looking for qualified teachers who can teach ECDL Part A and Part B and  ECDL Advance.

 These FITA ICT training courses will address the needs of persons with mild intellectual disability. 

Lessons between October 2017 and May 2018 shall be held once a week, after 5pm and be of two hours duration inclusive of a five minute break.

 The following accommodation will be provided for:

 ·         The lessons will allow for a relative or friend to accompany the student and use the same computer.   

·         Training materials will be provided in electronic format.

We always welcome volunteers, but these classes are also provided in conjunction with the Directorate for Lifelong Learning and the relevant terms and working conditions are applicable.

If  you wish to teach one of these classes kindly contact us on 25992048 or send us an email on