Learn Full Stack Web Development through a very practical hands-on approach in this 45-hour Coding Bootcamp.

This course teaches how to build full-stack web applications using MEAN, one of the most popular collection of JavaScript technologies – MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS.

This unit is delivered in the form of a Bootcamp, and embraces the core philosophy to deliver the most valuable and practical content in the least amount of time. Through a number of hands-on practical projects, the learners will be able to learn from scratch how to develop a full-stack application using the MEAN stack. By the end of the unit, the learner should have the necessary skills to find a job as a full-stack web developer.

The Bootcamp is delivered in a very practical approach. Each learning outcome is delivered in the form of a mini-project. The theory and concepts are taught while the learners are building these mini-projects together in the class. At the end of the Bootcamp the learners are expected to build a project using all the concepts and techniques used in the previous mini-projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • LO1 Build modern frontend applications using AngularJS.
  • LO2. Develop REST API Services using Express and NodeJS.
  • LO3 Build MongoDB Database applications.
  • LO4. Develop a full-stack web application using the MEAN stack.

Applied Knowledge

  1. Develop JavaScript web applications.
  2. Design the business logical layer of a JavaScript application.
  3. Design the model and storage layer of a JavaScript application.
  4. Show data in a database as easy, understandable information in an application.
  5. Read, save and manipulate data in MongoDB using a JavaScript application.
  6. Apply the most suitable JavaScript framework to solve a software problem.
  7. Use modern web frameworks to implement web applications.

Eligibility Criteria

Holders of the Foundation in Programming Certificate


Prior basic knowledge and experience with any programming language. Applicants need to provide either Certificates or Letters of Reference attesting prior basic knowledge and experience in a programming language.