Greenroads Ltd produces solutions for sustainable mobility. Selected candidates will work with the team to Label Data and Annotation that help computer models to identify specific images and recognize them.



As a Data Identification Specialist you will be responsible to:

·  Assist in compiling basic documentation as required

·  Labeling data for image recognition

·  Use a platform that allows specific image labelling

·  May be required to label video data as well as still images, and may also require tracking the object moves throughout the video.

·  Work with team as may be required

·  Suggest and execute improvements you identify

·  Attend team meetings, briefing and company events

·  Attend training sessions/courses that maybe required

·  Be a team player – coordinate with your teammates and report to your manager as and when required – so that we reach the company’s common goals


·  Own a computer device with team viewer for remote assistance

·  Critical observation

·  Ability to work remotely and correspond online including via online calls

·  Ability to install computer programmes like slack, jira etc on own device

·  Attention to detail

·  Ability to sustain focus and work consistently

·  Communicate your availability concerns and limitations to your supervisor


·  Trainees may work at TAKEOFF Business incubator within the University of Malta or remote. Ideal for anyone with unpredictable hours requiring flexibility

·  Considering that this placement is during the academic year and work is done remotely we are extremely flexible allowing students to work more during holidays and less during exam periods

Conditions related to the Work Exposure Scheme (where applicable)

·  Complete and sign documentation as may be required

·  Duration of the Work Exposure Scheme/ student: 240 hours

·  Trainees receive an allowance of €4.48 per hour without tax or NI deductions. The allowance is received a month in arrears just like the student stipend.

·  Maximum number of weeks: 12 weeks

·  Maximum number of on-the-job hours in any given week: 40 hours

For more information kindly send an email to: