The University Junior College will be hosting the second edition of the European Theatre Festival Ħolqa from 9th to 13th of March 2015 with participants from France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Malta. During the festival, each country will present a short theatrical performance using different styles, languages and Dramatic methods to educate and entertain.

We would like to invite you, your students to attend these performances. This is an excellent opportunity for language students to follow theatre works in their native language. Students attending the performances are to be accompanied by their teachers who will be provided with complimentary tickets. Tickets are at €2 for each performance and €3 for viewing more than one performance. Please note that each performance in not longer than one hour.

The programme of performances may be found hereunder. It would be greatly appreciated if you would promote the event amongst your staff and students. For booking and further information send an email to: You can also find us on Facebook at