ICT_Annual General Conference Activity Week_Pic 4

As part of the Annual General Conference Activity Week, ICT Foundation Level 2 students were given the opportunity to visit the MITA Data Center on Thursday 28th of January 2016. The latter is one of the leading ICT partner organisations within the Maltese islands. A total of thirty two students opted to participate in this initiative which was led by IT Basics lecturers, Ms Graziella Attard and Mr Joseph Hales.

The main aim of such visit was to expose students to future training routes related to ICT. During the two hour visit students had the opportunity to get a general overview of what MITA looks into, get a basic insight of the different networks they manage, visit their call centre, and the Santa Venera data centre. Furthermore, students were also informed about MITA’s own innovation hub within Smart City whose main objective is to be a supporting platform for ideas to succeed and evolve into concrete projects and proposals. Finally students had also the opportunity to look into different careers offered at MITA for which they can benefit from through the entrepreneurship scheme.

Students left the premises very motivated that despite the route to success might seem long from a Foundation level, with perseverance and determination one can still realise his/her dream carer.