Join us for the ICT EXPO 2021 – 28th July @ 19:00 CET

A short selection of student projects following Advanced Diploma and Degree courses in ICT.
Degree Dissertations:
• Julian Calleja – The integration of marker-less and marker based Augmented Reality technology to create a highly immersive tabletop game
• Dawson Camilleri – Investigating Sentiment Analysis when applied for social media comments in Maltese.
• Christian Pace – Automating the annotation of training data in the context of image segmentation
• Christian Azzopardi – Pathfinding algorithms in the context of an Augmented Reality environment
• Edrica Caruana – Acne skin condition detection from a facial image
• Mandy Cortis – Analysis of Wied Fulija landfill using Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Imagery
Advanced Diploma Projects:
• Liam Bonello – CarePool
• Antoine Spiteri – Automatic pet feeder


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