For most of us last weekend was the usual unwinding, relaxing and catching up with friends but for Simeon Kirlov, Dylan Fenech and Nathaniel Cutajar it was a completely different story. These three students spent the whole weekend at Microsoft Innovation Centre trying to come up with a solution for the ICTSA (ICT Students' Association) Annual Programming Competition – Game of Codes. 

The challenge was both novel and interesting. In a nutshell, the competing groups were presented with a scenario where a famous film director scrambled the order of the frames of a particular movie and the task was to write a program (in any language) that restores the correct frame order. There are a number of approaches that one could take to solve this problem, some of which involve finding the most similar video frames, and the MCAST team had 48 hours to come up with an accurate solution.  Our team decided to come up with a solution using C# and .NET technology.

On behalf of MCAST, may I take this opportunity to congratulate our team for working really hard, giving their best and submitting a solution on time. These students spent over 40hrs at MIC without a proper meal and sleep which showed a great sense of commitment – well done guys! Also, may I encourage any other students who would like to participate in these events to get in touch with Jean Paul Tabone.

We will eagerly await for the results. May the best team win.