Industry Talk- Software Development

Level 3 students had the opportunity to meet with Mr Alan Attard, a professional software developer from Betclic to discuss the process of software development using an agile methodology and what it entails to support a very complex system of millions of lines of codes. This company provides on-line gaming services such as sports betting, horse racing, casino, poker and bingo.

Mr Attard provided a good insight into Betclic’s software development department and showed them the different technologies this betting company currently uses. Security and responsible gaming are thoroughly enforced in the day-to-day operations of a professional developer.  

Mr Attard also discussed the qualities making up a professional developer, highlighting the importance of having the right attitude for continuous learning and being flexible to adapt oneself according to the company’s needs.  Professional practice is of utmost importance in order to keep one’s skills sharp and up to date.  He also explained that a professional has to be a team player and adopt the right attitude to work within a whole team of software developers to achieve common goals.

May we take the opportunity to thank Mr Attard for sharing his professional expertise with our next generation of software developers!