A total of 72 MCAST Foundation (Level 2) students attended an industry visit at the Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) between the 9th and the 13th of January 2017. MIC was launched in February 2013 in cooperation between Microsoft, Government of Malta, and University of Malta.

MIC provides various types of services and support: training courses in development, cloud and gaming; support start-ups by providing the use of the facilities, software and hardware devices; workshops and events on the latest technologies.

A 5-hour workshop was designed together with MIC to further help students bridge the gap between theory and industry by augmenting the ICT Project curriculum with a hands-on approach. The programme looked into the Invention Cycle, provided team building workshops, a hands-on Minecraft Hour of Code, overview of Microsoft Azure, Cloud technology and WordPress during which students started creating their very own WordPress website with Azure. 

This industry visit helped to further emphasise the core principles of ICT Project management and was successful thanks to Edward Portelli (Microsoft Manager), Christopher Demicoli (Microsoft in Education Manager), Mary Downing (MIC Operations), Graziella Attard (ICT Project, Unit Leader), Davinia Galea (Programming, Unit Leader), Oriana Ebejer (Programming Lecturer), Laurent Azzopardi (ICT Project, Lecturer), and Jane Cilia Debono (ICT Project, Lecturer).