Dissertation: On hand gesture technology as adaptive technology in the context of the secondary education sector.

This research was conducted to investigate the effects of hand gesture technology and related devices in the secondary education sector. Its objective is to be of assistance in the education sector and demonstrate its effectiveness in the learning experience.

Students and teachers alike are provided with the opportunity to use an innovative method of delivering lessons utilising hand gesture technology. This can lead to the introduction of new ways how to teach students at school and enhance their motivation and stimulation, while extending their attention span during lessons.

This research made use of triangulation methodologies for gathering information. Besides collecting data by interviewing two secondary level teachers, observations were carried out with ten secondary level students to measure the level of motivation, lesson delivery effectiveness and use of application of hand gesture technology.

This study has demonstrated that students manifested a high level of motivation and stimulation when hand gesture technology was used and showed interest in using this technology in other subjects. Teachers’ feedback produced a positive attitude and this was reflected in their interest in using the application in their lessons. The result also demonstrated that hand gesture technology can also be used as an education-inclusive assistive technology tool for students with learning difficulties.