On Monday 12th May, Level 3 students had the opportunity to visit MITA, the Malta Information Technology Agency.  This industry visit was aimed to expose students to the real world of work of software development.   Thirty seven students opted to take part in this initiative which was led by Ms Maureen Cristina and Mr Kris Domancich.

The speakers provided a good insight into MITA’s software development department whose main goal is to create business value for the government through innovation and transformation.  Students were also shown the different technologies this agency currently uses such as Windows Forms for desktop applications, HTML5, Java script and CSS for web applications and other mobile applications amongst others.

After providing a general overview of MITA, a network session was presented highlighting the importance of having a good infrastructure to handle all the services offered by MITA.  Some of the sectors covered by MITA include education, health, e-government services and other ICT services like taxation, public transport and social security.

Students were also given the opportunity to tour around the control and data centre and see the server room.  Finally, during the HR session, students were highly encouraged to participate in the entrepreneurship scheme and work as apprentice.  Having the right attitude for continuous learning will help to gain professional experience which is of utmost importance in today’s industries.  By means of this visit, students were given the opportunity to look into different careers offered at MITA.

May we take the opportunity to thank MITA for hosting our students and motivate them to continue pursuing their studies within this area.