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Web Application Developer

  1. Minimum of 3 years programming experience
  2. Expert in most advanced programming languages
  3. Experienced in server configuration and
  4. maintenance
  5. Creating APIs and mobile apps
  6. Payment processing & security
  7. Experienced in developing, supporting and maintaining software applications
  8. Knowledge of live streaming technology is an asset
  9. Self-motivated, highly skilled and reliable

If you are a problem-solver able to work on own initiative, this is a part-time, freelance role that could become a full-time position.
Kindly send an email with covering letter and CV to: malta.livestream@gmail.com


Social Media & Marketing Guru

  1. Developing and executing strategic social media initiatives and blog posts
  2. Engaging digital content that helps build brand awareness
  3. Someone who digs Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  4. Ensuring consistency of messages across multiple networks
  5. Social media experience is important, but writing abilities are paramount
  6. Must be organized & meticulous
  7. Measuring ROI through analytics & tracking social media influence
  8. Graphic design and SEO skills are an asset
  9. Generate website traffic

If you are a motivated creative thinker, this is a part-time, freelance role that could become a full-time position. Kindly send an email with covering letter and CV to: malta.livestream@gmail.com