Three MCAST IICT students delivered a website for the MCAST Chaplaincy which now can be accessed via the following weblink: The website was implemented by students who are in their level 4 Extended Diploma and gave their 100% to make sure that the MCAST chaplain was satisfied with the outcome. This project was supported by Mr Jean Paul Tabone, MCAST IICT lecturer and institute coordinator for student support who made sure that the project was delivered on time and as expected by Fr. Antoine.

As a sense of gratitutde, the three students where given a certificate of appreciation signed by the director Mr Conrad Vassallo, together with a €5 voucher from PC zone and a book on Don Bosco.

The following is the testimonial given by Father Antione on the day of the launch of the website:

First of all thank you for the work you did, and for the support and oversight you provided to the students who worked on the new MCAST Chaplaincy website: Warren Aquilina, Malcolm Tabone and Julian Borg.

For me it was a good experience to work with you and with Warren, Malcolm and Julian. They are three brilliant IICT students who are a credit to MCAST as they showed themselves to be quite competent and able to learn new ways of meeting the demands made of them by me as their ‘client’ – and I don’t say this willy nilly, since as you know I was quite insistent with them that the product would be of a certain standard or else it would not be good for purpose. I was happy to see that the three students were dedicated and I was left with the feeling that they did their best to accommodate what I wished to have in the website. When they experienced difficulties in meeting the original demands we corresponded or met face to face and they explained the limitations in the software and design that we were using. Their approach left me feeling confident and content with the final product: now the chaplaincy finally has a website with which to reach out to MCAST staff and students!  

I am sure that the way they communicated with me, the way they worked together and on their own initiative and the fact that they came up with ideas and worked around issues, augurs well for their future employment possibilities. Their work was quite good even considering that their proper field is networking and that they are not actually into building websites, so I appreciate even more the effort they made in coming up with a design that is eye-catching and practical and I can only wish them the very best for the future.

Antoine sdb

We take this opportunity to thank Fr Antoine for his testimonial and appreciation.