For the third consecutive year Mark Spiteri (IICT lecturer) has organized a competition related to Computer Graphics. This year has been a special year for such activity as the outcome will aid the local council of Mtarfa in having a Map for their beautiful village to distribute it to tourists who visit this amazing locality. Level 3 students attending at the institute of ICT had the opportunity take part for such event. The students did not have an easy task as the Mtarfa Local Council required a map with specific: Dimensions, layout and design. The majority of the students used Adobe Photoshop to fulfill this task and after giving the students 4 weeks to design and create the map, MCAST lecturers Mark Spiteri and Annalise Consoli together with Josette Micallef who is the Executive Secretary at Mtarfa Local Council has assessed the participants’ Maps. After a lot of thought a winner was established together with second and third places. The winning map will be printed and distributed by the Local Council of Mtarfa as an aid for tourists or people who are interested to navigate through the picturesque village of Mtarfa.

The winner of this completion is Patrick Valter who has been awarded with a Graphic tablet and a voucher together with a glass souvenir representing Mtarfa and a certificate of participation from Mtarfa Local Council, On the second and third places we have Andrea Calleja and Nancy Zammit which were also given a voucher and a participation certificate.