MCAST ICT Foundation Level 2 students had the opportunity to visit the NS-SIS Unit (National Section – Schengen Information System), Malta Police General Headquarters, Floriana on Monday 2nd October 2017. This is part of the Foundation week activity were all level 2 students participated in this initiative led by ICT lecturers, Ms Graziella Attard, Mr Joseph Hales, Ms Davinia Galea and Ms Jane Cilia Debono in line with Inspector Pierre Minuti from the NS-SIS Unit.

The Data Processing Branch within the Malta Police GHQ, also known as the Computer Centre was officially opened on the 7th January 1989. It was named after the first Commissioner of Police, Francis Rivalora. During the visit, Inspector Minuti explained that at that time the Malta Police GHQ had embarked on an ambitious project which continued to increase its workload and growth when Malta joined the EU in 2004 and subsequently the Schengen zone in 2007. Thus, the importance for the I.T. section of the Police Force to keep itself up-to-date with the latest technologies on the market was highlighted. However, attention needs to be continuously taken through different security measures to remain effective and efficient.

Whilst visiting the Technical Lab at the Malta Police Force, Inspector Minuti mentioned that the lab helps to maintain with the demand of maintenance and upgrades of the computers within the Police Force which are not under the guarantee of the supplier. Later, students were also shown the Network Operations Centre (NOC) which is the first line of support. During the visit, Inspector Minuti has also mentioned that in the past years the NS-SIS Unit did sponsor and train MCAST ICT students through apprenticeship schemes. The closure of this industry visit ended up on a very motivational note by encouraging students that education is a continuous venture that one needs to keep embarking on every now and then.