Collaboration between MCAST IICT and the E-Skills Foundation was done to celebrate Code week. The event is part of the Europe Code Week 2016 event were all around Europe; IT professionals make apps, websites and lots of other things by learning to code.

The technology revolution is all around us and many of our daily interactions are with computers.  Learning to code helps us understand to create the digital services we use everyday .  Whether you create a website or simulate the traffic on our roads, or create an online game, coding is everywhere.  It is a way of looking at the world; an enabler and a discipline, a life skill for the digital era. Learning to code is a powerful way of exploring ideas and creating new solutions for work and play.

Code week was held on the 15th October till Sunday 23rd October where MCAST IICT students and alumni delivered a number of short sessions to the general public to experience coding though simple and practical sessions.