mgMCAST 3rd year students who are currently following the Multimedia Software Development stream have partipated in a Game Jam organized by MITA. These 8 students formed part of 2 teams. CODEIT placed 3rd in the game development competition, whilst Syntax placed first in the Blockchain question where they received 3000 NXT crypto currency. 

Team name : Syntax

Team Players : 

Matthias Leon Attard

Darryl Briffa 

Zack Gatt

Vincenzo Runza

Game idea : To implement a deadlock senerio in a game. We took this approach by creating a traffic management type game.

Team 2 CodeIt

CodeIt – Jean-Paul Caruana, Simon Zerafa, Alistair Azzopardi, Andre Grech

Game 1 – Hex Invaders

A game to help the player mentally train himself to convert from Hexadecimal to Binary as fast as possible. A random Hex number is generated and the user must enter the respective binary value before the 'enemy space ship' arrives at the Safe base.. Eventually the more the player progresses the shorter the allocated time to  translate will be making it increasingly difficult by adapting to the skill cap of the player


Game 2 – Binary Runner

This endless runner starts by generating a random binary number and displaying another 3 random decimal numbers. One of the decimal numbers generated corresponds to the value of the binary number generated at start. Throughout the endless runner a start of 3 collectibles are generated each connected to the decimal numbers. The player must collect the correct item corresponding to the value of the Binary number. when collected (if correct) an other instance of random numbers is generated and a note is played, the more the player progresses the faster the objects will be collected and the notes played would collectively end up forming a melody.