Axel Curmi has researched a Blockchain Based certificate verification platform, permitting an individual to verify the validity of an academic certificate in possession. This research has also been presented at the 1st Workshop on Blockchain Smart contracts hosted by Fraunhofer FOKUS at Berlin, during a Springer Workshop.

Eman Sammut has researched a Blockchain based car park management system, with a community based approach to it.

Nigel Cumbo has researched Vehicle logbook verification using Blockchain.

And Jerome Mizzi has researched a Blockchain based e-voting system. His research was also published in the D-Line Journal of Technology.

These second year B.Sc. projects will be researched further in their final year of studies for their dissertation. Some blockchain modules are being introduced in our curriculum which can be found in our online prospectus:

Well done to Axel, Eman, Nigel and Jerome!