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In the period October 2013 – June 2014, following a Crossover Initiative coordinated by HSBC, a number of executives from five companies [HSBC, Farsons, Radisson, E&Y, Airmalta] joined forces in order to help Hospice Malta improve their fund raising capabilities.  One of the teams led by  Mr. Martin Polidano was responsible for the improving Hospice’s membership scheme. The objectives of this team were identified and these were twofold – to create a new memberships’ database suitable for Hospice’s needs and to incorporate new possibilities to become a Hospice member directly via the website.

Following discussions with MCAST, a professional team was set up. This was composed of four students : John Debono, Miriam Vassallo, Daniel Vella and Danjel Attard under the supervision of their tutors, Ms. Kassandra Calleja, Mr. Gerard Said, Mr. Frankie Inguanez, Mr. Jean Paul Tabone and Mr. Conrad Vassallo. This team has very ably, voluntarily and in a limited amount of time, designed, created, tested and installed the membership database in a very professional manner.  Within the time frame mentioned above, the Membership Database was installed. A set of written instructions including screenshots and full training for the end users was also given. Hospice Malta was very satisfied with the end results.

Through this initiative, the high level of commitment of these students was noted. It was very clear that they were willing to learn, were able to work in a team, discuss and suggest solutions and improvements as well as consider limitations. They also proved that they are technically skills for the job and able to work under pressure to meet deadlines. From Hospice’s end, one can only praise the students’ work and they would be an asset to any company.