MAPSSS, the Malta Association for Parents of State School Students, recently set up as a voluntary organisation, was assisted in setting up a website by IT students at MCAST.  Since MAPSSS is a non-profit organisation, funds were limited; hence we decided to contact MCAST to help us set up our website. This request was kindly accepted and the website was delivered in a very short period of time, in less than two weeks.

The website created by these students is very neatly structured and it contains various features which gave it a very professional look and user-friendly. The first thing which catches the user’s attention as the website is loaded, is the attractive and colourful homepage. This website also contains a section with the latest news updates, a calendar with upcoming events and a link to our Facebook page. Furthermore, these students also developed a database which will facilitate administrative work as new members can key in their details to become MAPSSS members and this will then be captured electronically.

MAPSSS would like to sincerely thank Mr. Jean Paul Tabone, a lecturer at MCAST, who coordinated the setup of both the website and the database.