Duties and responsibilities include:


  • Coordinating with Head of Department/teacher-in-charge to compile lists of equipment complete with specifications in view of purchasing new equipment or spare parts;
  • Liaising with teachers to compile lists of equipment and consumables which may be required for effective lessons and project work
  • Liaising with teachers and Technical Officers (TOs) on lists of equipment, spare parts and consumables in view of purchasing;
  • Installing new equipment;
  • Cleaning and returning equipment to storage or resource rooms;
  • Conducting regular cleaning and servicing where possible, of equipment;
  • Conducting repairs and/or calibration where possible of equipment;
  • Coordinating the servicing and repairing and/or calibration of equipment by outside school service providers and/or suppliers;
  • Ensuring the safe custody, the repair and maintenance of equipment under their charge;
  • Ensuring that resources and equipment are in good working order when needed;
  • Preparing materials and resources (components, kits, tools) for teachers and for students’ projects;
  • Ensuring the good working order of any eLearning equipment and resources in use in all College schools;

For more information visit: https://education.gov.mt/en/Documents/Vacancies/JOB%20DESCRIPTION%20-TECHNICAN%20IT.pdf