Have you ever heard of MissInTech? Well, yeah, guess not. Who would ever imagine a female student pursuing a career in the ICT field. That’s boring — that same old repetitive job. Who would like to stare into a computer screen all day without ever speaking a word to the person next to you? Who would want to get into an industry, which is still considered a men’s world ? Besides, women are just meant to make sandwiches, right?

The problem is obviously about perception — we believe that any gender can work in any sector given that they set their mind to it. However, ICT is always viewed through a blindfold. This lack of knowledge about this field is affecting how it is recognised. Very few people actually know what this field is concerned about. Graphics design, hardware engineering, software development, mathematical sciences, data analysis, teaching, and a whole lot more; all go hand-in-hand with ICT.

Us at MissInTech, we have the bridging of gender gaps, very at heart — especially the one in tech. We are currently trying to raise awareness about this noticeable difference. As you may realise, the problem does not only exist at the workplace, but we are trying to tackle the problem at its core. At the young age of 13, children are made to choose subjects which they will study for at least three years, before eventually sitting for their O’Level examinations. Through the necessary education and the adoption of a hands-on approach, we believe that these students may get further inclined into pursuing one of the available careers. If not, well at least they would get to know that these exist. Trust us, it’s a win-win situation!

As Michelle Obama once said: “We need all hands on deck” — and we know it will take some time until we reach our goals, but we are here to do what it takes to clear the “hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering and math.”

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