Nestle are looking for students that are willing to experience a working opportunity in the form of an apprenticeship/traineeship/internship in our company.

Since I strongly believe this should be a really adding value experience, we usually look at students with higher level of education, as this should be a win/win situation.

The area of interest for 2015 will be:

  1. Marketing – ideally Level 5 / 6 in Business / Business Enterprise (with Level 4 in Marketing as a base)
  2. Marketing Communication– ideally Level 5 / 6 Graphic Media (design / knowledge of Photoshop will be required)
  3. IT – ideally Level 6 BS Computer Newtwork (this person will most likely have no or little supervision locally, mainly in touch with Italy)
  4. Technician for Vending Machines (Electrician qualification required)