Opportunity to teach and earn extra cash in your free time!

The Malta Communications Authority (‘MCA’) is the National Regulatory Authority responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications, eCommerce and postal sectors. It is also responsible for elements of the national ICT strategy such as e-Inclusion, Internet safety and Internet Government as well as the promotion of innovation in communications.

As part of the initiatives carried out by the MCA, the Authority is seeking to recruit a number of ICT trainers to form a pool of trainers, who will be available to deliver basic courses on ICT content on demand* to the general public and specific groups (such as the elderly) with the aim of promoting a more digitally inclusive society.

The courses which are run and coordinated by the MCA are normally of a two (2) hour duration and can be offered in the mornings (9:00hrs -11:00hrs), afternoons (13:00hrs -15:00hrs or/and 15:00hrs -17:00hrs) and evenings (18:00hrs -20:00hrs) and are held in various training centres around Malta and Gozo.

Interested applicants who are students at level 4 and upwards and who are presently attending ICT-related courses at the MCAST’s Institute of Information and Communication Technology may apply for this call.  

Teaching content such as training manuals, lesson plans and PPTs will be provided by the MCA. Interested applicants may be required to attend one or more train-the-trainers sessions offered free of charge by the MCA or its training content-development contractor – participation during this /these session/s is obligatory and will not be remunerated.    

Selected applicants will be remunerated at twelve Euro (€12) per hour.

Interested applicants need to complete an online application indicating their preferred availability to offer their teaching service. Applicants will be selected following an interview carried out by the MCA.

The selected candidates will enter a six (6) month contract from the signing of an agreement with the MCA for the rendering of their services in delivering basic courses on ICT content, which could be renewed by further six (6) months. The signing of this agreement will be effected prior to the starting date of these courses.

Link to Application: Application MCAST

Closing date for application: 28th December 2018

* Courses offered on demand are courses offered if and when, the MCA considers such courses are necessary.

All applications are to be sent to Mr Nicholas Vella on nicholas.g.vella@mca.org.mt