National Crime Prevention Campaign amongst students

Writing and Drawing Competition amongst students.

Prison Fellowship Malta is an NGO which forms part of Prison fellowship International,(, which is found in130 countries around the world. This is a Christian Organization which reaches out to all those affected by crime. We are inspired from the Gospel : Matt:25 “I was in prison and you came to visit Me”.

This year we are organizing a writing and drawing competition amongst students as part of our national Crime Prevention Campaign amongst students in collaboration with Malta Community Chest Fund

We are appealing to school authorities to create an awareness about crime and its effects on society. We are inviting heads of schools in collaboration with Art, PSD, Maltese, English  and Social Studies teachers together with others to encourage as many students as possible to take part in this competition. Prison Fellowship International videos which are available on Youtube can be shown to students and parents. A discussion could then follow. Ex: the video called: Prison Fellowship International Break the cycle Turn the tide, found on Youtube.

Every participant will be given a certificate of participation. All the works presented for the competition will be put up in a public exhibition in a central venue in Malta and Gozo.The best artwork will be printed as a Poster in full colour and distributed to all schools, parish churches and local councils. Another collection of artworks will be included in a full colour calendar which will also be distributed especially to all residents at CCF.

Category A

Ages: 5 to 11 year olds

Subject: Write a message to children who have a boy or a girl in their classroom who have a parent or a relative in prison so that they can offer some help to help this boy or girl to feel less sad.

The drawing should not be smaller than 210 x 297mm and not bigger than 650 x 540 mm.

The composition should not be less than120 words and not more than 200 words.

Category B

Ages : 12 to 16 years

Subject : a. How can there be help for relatives or children whose parent is in prison?

                b. What are the children and relatives of victims of crime going through?

                c. What is motivating young people to commit crime?

The drawing should not be smaller than 210 x 297mm and not bigger than 650 x 510mm.

The composition should not be less than 300 words and not more than 400 words.

Category C

Ages : 17 yrs and over.

Subject : a. In cases of non violent crimes what alternatives should the courts have instead of suspended sentences and incarceration.

                 b. What are the major factors contributing to young people committing crime?

                   c.  What else can be organized in schools to avoid the spread of crime amongst youths and to create more awareness about the needs of victims of crime.

Students who take part in this category should write an essay of not less than 450 and not more than 600 words.

All those taking part in this competition should send their works by not later than 15th December 2015 at the following address:

Prison Fellowship Malta, PO Box 35, Paola PLA01.

Mob 99820726.       Email:

Works which will be received after the closing date will not be accepted. All works received will be kept by Prison Fellowship Malta and can be published. All participants need to include at the back of their work : name and surname, age, address, name of school, class, tel no, or mobile no. and the category in which they are taking part.


                                                First Prize                                            Second Prize                                      Third Prize

Category A                              50 euro                                                    30 euro                                                15 euro

Category  B                              80 euro                                                    50 euro                                                30 euro

Category   C                             120 euro                                                  80 euro                                                50 euro

A Certificate of participation will be given to all those taking part in the competition. The school with the highest number of participants will be given a certificate of merit together with a special prize.

We encourage you to visit our facebook Page Prison Fellowship Malta.

Those interested are to send an email to Ms Zahra Sacco on