Robotics Week

A joint effort with MCAST IICT, IET and the Library was made to celebrate the Robotics Week here in MALTA. The event is part of the European Robotics Week were it aims at inspiring technology education in students of all ages to pursue careers in STEM-related fields, i.e. science, technology, engineering and math.

The Robotics event held on the 25 of November at the MCAST library where MCAST IICT and IET lecturers gave talks and presentations on robotics and Arduino, programming robots to Mindstorm and talks about the use of the library to find magazines related to robotics. In total, more than 50 students from MCAST Founddation College, showed interest in what was going on and inspired them to continue studying in this subject area.

We would like to thank MCAST IICT, IET and Library to make this event a successful one.