Job Description


The Software Engineer is required to carry out the following:

  • Compile a design brief for new projects as assigned
  • Design, develop and test Software systems that enhance the customer use of hardware designed by the company as designated
  • Carry out research and apply this towards continuous improvement and innovation
  • Design and execute, rigorous quality and security testing of systems
  • Plan continuous improvements to the software systems
  • Establish and document correct operating procedures of systems
  • Support clients when there are software issues
  • Issue Specifications for systems including all documentation
  • Update the documentation pertaining to systems when these are upgraded
  • Manage adequately their time when handling multiple projects


The Software Engineer is responsible to:

  • Adhere to company employment & information security policies
  • Use his knowledge to the best of his abilities to carry out his duty according to the specifications as issued by SENS
  • Maintain an exemplary behaviour at all times
  • Be aware of Safety requirements and abide by safe practises at all times
  • Keep a record of his work and present it as required by internal procedures
  • Adhere to all procedures and quality systems in place at SENS
  • Maintain a clean and organized workplace
  • Wear company uniform as required
  • Maintain cordial and good relationships with clients

Organizational Relationships

The Software Engineer answers directly to the Chief Technical Officer

Job Requirements

Education & Training

The Software Engineer must have:

  • A Degree in ICT
  • Be able to use all software in use at SENS for the programming of systems
  • Certified in use of SQL
  • Be able to communicate clearly in both written and spoken English
  • Certified in use of C# and .Net framework is considered as an asset.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure is also considered as an asset.

Those interested are to send their CV to: and