HOB Software Ltd.

HOB GmbH & Co.KG is located in Germany, and was established in 1964. Since 1981, HOB has been working in the IT area. HOB Software Ltd. was established in 1990 and forms part of the Brandstaetter Group of Companies. Its offices are situated within the premises of Playmobil (Malta) in Hal Far.

The Internships

We are offering to a few selected students in the final stages of their studies an opportunity to join our team as paid interns. They will be given technical training and the possibility to work on real software development projects under the guidance of a mentor. The students will work 10 hours each week during the scholastic period and full time in summer. Once their studies are over, successful interns will finalise their training period with a year in the HOB head offices in Bavaria, Germany.


Our team is made up of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate personnel. They have all  successful attended an in-house training of period of one year at the  Office in Germany.


What to do?

If you believe that you are up to this challenge you are asked to apply via email on jobs@hobsoft.com.mt.


HOB Software Ltd,

HF 80, Industrial Estate, Hal-Far, Malta