The eSkills Malta Foundation will be organising an interesting event about Software Testing. We believe that robust software development cannot do without the proper software testing, and its corresponding methods, skills, and engineering. It is also encouraging to note that nowadays many companies include in their organisation the position of software testers. But are we doing enough?

We have great speakers on this subject:

Dr Mark Micallef and Dr Chris Porter will present the theme “Help! I’m only human! Understanding and supporting the human tester”

Software is an intensely human activity. Regardless of the amount of automation and technology we throw at testing, the human tester remains the most valuable part of the process. Yet in a world where domains are increasingly complex, technologies increasingly vary and constant change is the order of the day, the human tester remains unchanged. That is to say that human beings have not developed the ability to store more memory, handle more context switches or process more information than they did hundreds of years ago. In this talk we will discuss the impact of information anxiety on software testers and discuss how research at the University of Malta is helping the profession address this problem.

Ms Angelina Samaroo will present the themes “Hand code a website in an hour” and “Test Your Test Knowledge”

Tester Power – as the world moves ever closer to 'automate all', testers risk being left behind. We test code, but for many testers writing code still seems a mystical art. Here we demystify coding – we will hand code a website in an hour or less. Join us, then start making your own magic with code.

Join us to participate in the knowledge and dialogue!

Should you and any of your colleagues be interested to attend please send an email to