What is Solidaritree?
Solidaritree is a fund raising project for l-Istrina proposed by the KSU to HE Marie Louise Coleiro who accepted their idea.
What is the purpose of Solidaritree?
The aim of this project is to have all post-secondary institutions working towards an ultimate goal by organizing fund raising activities amongst students.
What is the target?
The target is to collect €50,000 between all post-secondary institutions and then it will be presented on behalf of Malta’s youth.
What are MCAST students preparing?
All the Student representative bodies have come together and formed a working group.  They are fast working on a Marathon which would involve a number of activities throughout the day and DJs and bands later in the evening as well as other events.  The dates of the Marathon are Saturday 13 December starting at 10:00am till Sunday 14 December ending 6:00pm.
What can you do?
The students would like you to assist through student participation during the marathon – all ideas are welcome.