"Spectre IT is a software development company based in Malta. Our products are in use by top companies in UK and through Europe.  Due to a number of exciting projects coming up, we are looking for students in the advanced stage of their studies who would like to join Spectre IT initially on part-time basis and to then progress to full-time upon successfully completing the MCAST course. This is an excellent opportunity for students who would like to embark in a software development career in the financial software arena.

Students who would like to take up this opportunity would ideally have experience with:

  • C# Object oriented programming
  • Secure Website creation
  • Regular expressions, Data Validation
  • XML, HTML, CSS stylesheets and XML schemas.

Spectre IT runs pragmatic agile teams. Our environment is friendly and relaxed, with an emphasis on team delivery. All our developer stations are multi-monitors and have been designed to suit the needs of our staff. 

To apply send a cv by email to hr@spectreit.com"