Following years of studies, all-nighters and hard-work, you’d definitely want to join a great workforce that makes all your studying worthwhile. You’re young and the world is your oyster, go only for the brilliant opportunities that are going to make your life better.

And what does MeDirect Bank has to offer? You ask! MeDirect Bank is a relatively young brand that always strives to be on the forefront locally. It is why MeDirect Bank is Malta’s first digital bank and won an award for the Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation in the 2021 eBusiness Awards.

MeDirect is not the typical bank you’re probably used to. From uniforms, to marketing, to work-space, MeDirect Bank changed the game while sticking to what matters. You definitely won’t be getting a usual 9-5 office job, they are Maltese at heart but international by design and direct… well… by nature!

MeDirect Bank is located in Malta, Belgium and London and offers versatile workspace with plenty of unique opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and more.

The Bank’s workforce is a versatile one. They’ve got an impressive 24 nationalities working for them and they proudly stand for equality, inclusion and belonging, not just with words! Infact they were also awarded an Equality Mark Certification granted by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE).

One of MeDirect Bank’s pillars is their Tech department, that work on innovative, never-ceasing projects, fit for those seeking a career in Tech. The Tech Team was the brains behind the new online onboarding system for clients that won the Bank the aforementioned award.

Not into tech? Not a problem! The Bank incorporates multiple other departments and offers an array of different opportunities for both interns and graduates alike. The teams include legal, finance, internal audit, retail, corporate banking, operations, human resources, marketing, regulatory affairs, risk and compliance.

MeDirect Bank paves your way to success and they award hardwork and dedication with progression and growth. Show your worth and career progression will come knocking on your door! The Bank also offers employees plenty of opportunities to also move laterally across departments, allowing employees to grow their knowledge in different areas and departments.

Last, but not least, MeDirect is located at The Centre in Piazza Tigne in Sliema, one of Malta’s most prestigious hubs surrounded with buzzing shops, restaurants and cafès which you can visit during your break (and benefit from several staff discounts) and wait for it… free parking! The Bank also gives the chance to work remotely if that’s your preference.

Having worked so hard is just the start to be able to achieve your career goal and succeed in your ambitions. Everyone is on the lookout for a passionate career, one which inspires and challenges you but that also has a great dynamic work environment and a sense of growth. Apply with MeDirect Bank and let your career flourish.

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