Students are placed in public, private and voluntary sector workplaces. The placements can start as early as the employer and the selected candidate/s arrive to a mutual agreement. Employers and students are also free to discuss and agree on the expected delivery of working hours per week.

Government has established a maximum threshold of working hours that will be re-imbursed through the scheme, based on 11 weeks, 30 hours per week and therefore a maximum of 330 hours. Government co-sponsors 50% of the salary for students temporarily employed in the private sector and 100% of the salary for students temporarily employed in the public sector and NGOs.

Employers pay the National Insurance contributions in addition to statutory bonus, whilst no tax to be paid by the student since they do not exceed the threshold stipulated by the Government.

The rate of remuneration for 2016 is of €5.98/hour and the working week is of 30 hours. Students are entitled to pro-rata Vacation Leave and Sick Leave. They are also entitled to the pro-rata Government bonus.

Eligible students are those who have a Level 4 (Malta Qualifications Framework) qualification in ICT or ICT-related (including those awaiting the results of their Level 4 certificate [A’ Level, Intermediate and Diploma]) and higher.

Eligible employers are all those employers who can offer a meaningful ICT work experience to students, whether operating in the ICT industry or any other industry using technology.

For more information visit: https://www.mita.gov.mt/en/DigitalOutReach/studentplacementprogramme/Pages/Fact-Sheet.aspx